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Jerry Muskrat

Breaking News: Jerry Muskrat to visit the Great Lakes!

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Breaking News: Jerry Muskrat to visit the Great...
Kidoons Healthy Living:  Jerry Muskrat in...
Jerry Muskrat Ch01: "Jerry Muskrat Has a Fright"
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About Jerry Muskrat

Jerry Muskrat is a very laid back dude who likes to swim, surf, and take some rays in his deck chair beside the Smiling Pool.

He lives in a mud house built into the river bank.
Friends with Ryder Rabbit and Jimmy Skunk, Jerry likes to play pranks, and to punk his neighbors down by the swimming hole.

He has an easy laugh and mellow attitude... just  DON'T ever call him a rat!

Inspired by the works of groundbreaking environmentalist children's book writer Thornton Burgess, these stories, games, educational materials teach kids about the muskrats living in rivers, ponds, lakes and other wetland environments in a near-boreal region.