The Sinking of the Algoma

Jerry Muskrat takes a dive into Lake Superior

Gateway to the Seaway

Jerry Muskrat Feels Superior At the Port of Thunder Bay

A Tail of Two Cities

Jerry Muskrat Visits The Thunder Bay Museum

In partnership with: Thunder Bay Museum

Jerry’s walking down Donald Street East in Thunder Bay, searching for another gear on Captain Nemo’s mission. He jumps back in time at Thunder Bay Museum, where he relives the history of TBay, from the merging of the twin cities of Fort William and Port Arthur. Jerry learns about the fur trade, silver mines, and the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, all of which had a role to play in creating “Canada’s gateway to the west”. After stumbling through a 100-year old doctor’s office (Dr. Smellie!) and an old-fashioned movie theatre, Jerry finds his gear inside the skeleton of a giant Albertosaurus.

Special note: we created this video with Thunder Bay Museum, who also partnered with us on the creation of “The Sinking of the Algoma”.