As the White Herns!

Jerry visits Whitehern Historic House & Garden in Hamilton

Steam Punked!

Jerry visits the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology

Rat Attack!

Jerry visits Battlefield House Museum & Park

In partnership with: Battlefield House Museum & Park

Jerry Muskrat wakes up in the middle of a re-enactment of the Battle of Stoney Creek, in the thick of the War of 1812. Jerry joins the hugely outnumbered British forces, as they manage to hold back an American advance, assisted by John Norton and other Haudenosaunee warriors. It's the farthest the American army made it along the Niagara Peninsula during the War of 1812!

This MOM (Multimedia Outreach Module) is part of a 5-episode story arc developed in partnership with the Hamilton Civic Museums owned and operated by the City of Hamilton. Other National Historic Sites in the series include the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology, Dundurn Castle, Whitehern Historic House & Garden and the Hamilton & Scourge shipwrecks National Historic Site.